Clean Homes Are Happy Homes

The importance of having a clean home is important, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health too.
Husband housekeeping and cleaning concept, Happy young man in blue rubber gloves wiping dust using a spray and a duster while cleaning on floor at home.

Standard/General Cleaning

Our Standard Cleaning checklist is designed to be as detailed as it gets to ensure that your home is left with a luxury cleaning experience. This service is not recommended for move in/move out cleanings, post construction cleanings or first-time initial cleanings. This service is perfect for homes that need just a basic cleaning and need basic upkeep.

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Cleaning checklist is designed to give you a the top-to-bottom clean your home needs. Our deep cleaning service is perfect for first time clients, or tough jobs or homes that have not been professionally cleaned in a while. While our standard cleaning service is great, a deep cleaning will tackle the essential cleaning tasks that you understandably do not tackle every week. For example, you do not need to clean your baseboards and ceiling fans every week or as often as you may need to sweep and mop. Nonetheless, your home can look and feel dirty when these other details are overlooked for a while. We give you the deep cleaning results that you can see and feel so that your family can enjoy the benefits of a truly clean home. This service is recommended for homes that haven’t been professionally cleaned in the past 30 days.

Move in/Move out Cleaning

Move-in and Move-out cleaning is a service that helps you prepare your home for the next tenant or before you sell it. ShiningPro can help you make a smooth transition by providing you with a professional move-out/move-in cleaning services. It includes tasks such as helping you clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator and oven, cleaning the interior of the window ledges, hand cleaning the baseboards and more.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post Construction leaves a home or business with lots of dust, debris, allergens and an all-around mess. No worries our Professionals will provide you with everything you need. Our process here at ShiningPro Cleaning consist of a 3-step process.

The legs and feet of a construction worker sweeping up on rough concrete at a job site using a large broom

1St Step

The 1st-step is a rough clean, we start working during the actual construction phase. During this phase we remove and clean all construction debris, caulking and adhesives.


The 2nd-step is called a Final Clean. This phase consists of a very detailed clean from top to bottom: everything from the ceiling, walls, windows, glass, doors to baseboards and floors are thoroughly cleaned. This clean is as thorough as it gets, but we do not stop there.


Our 3rd-step consist of a Touch up Clean. During this phase, we wait a week or so after the dust settles, and we go back in and wipe down floors and surfaces to ensure a good deep clean.

Office Cleaning

While Office cleanliness may seem like an unimportant issue, a business may face a huge loss by neglecting it. Maintaining a clean place for your business is very important for many reasons, especially if you often deal with customers or clients. Our office cleaning services strives to provide a safe and sanitary space to your employees and customers. An office cleaning is necessary to remove deeper dirt, allergens, and germs that may be hidden on your office furniture, floors, or even blinds. This is why you need to try out ShiningPro’s office cleaning services, we’ll ensure that you, your staff and customers are enjoying a clean, sanitary and safe place. Our office cleaning services is convenient and will not interrupt your day-to-day business.

Airbnb Cleaning

Sit back and relax and let us take care of your Airbnb rental cleaning, so you can focus on booking clients & doing what matters most. Our goal is to make your property look beautiful every time, so you always get 5-star reviews & get Superhost status that translates into more bookings. Quality cleaning, scheduling, communication & trust is what you get when you book with us.

Pre & Post Event Cleaning

Whether you are preparing for an event or wanting to relax after an event, no worries, enjoy the party, have fun and leave the cleaning to us! Shining Pro’s event cleaning services can seamlessly bring cleanliness and order back into your home or venue. Our event cleaning services are perfect for parties of all kinds such as birthdays, family reunions, graduation parties, fundraising events, weddings, baby showers, holiday parties, corporate events and more.
Occasionally, spillage, stains and dirt accidentally get on carpets, flooring and upholstery and other furniture which requires specialized equipment and cleaning procedures. Well the good news is, we are here to service you by offering you reliable hassle free experience at a competitive price.

Why Us

We are professionals, we ensure that our cleaners are thoroughly vetted, and we require a full background check on all cleaners. Additionally, we hire for integrity and train for skill. The products we use are safe as we prioritize keeping our clients safe and healthy.

Our Values

Our Company’s paramount values are Honesty, Integrity and Quality. We only work with cleaners with the same values. Additionally, we give custom prices and have superb customer care, we work hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their service. We are locally owned and operated and value the community we serve.